Monday, February 1, 2010

Dirty Deeds...Done Dirt Cheap!

The ALZO Wireless Radio Shutter Release

OK, imagine this:
A young climber engaged in an intense competition scales an impossible overhanging wall in front of a huge crowd, defying the shear laws of gravity itself.

She holds on with one hand and with the other reaches to pluck a fifty dollar bill off the wall and claim her prize. Just as the money is about to be pulled free from the wall... BOOOOOOM - all 190 lbs of Italian Photographer falls onto her sending the two of them crashing down 20 ft in front a crowd of stunned onlookers.

Sounds like a photographer’s nightmare!
Now that did not happen and why you ask?

Well, following the advise of Mr. Miyagi himself...
"Best Defense...No Be There!"

I was on the ground safe and out of the spotlight(to the right of this young lady's head in the image).

ALZO Wireless Radio Shutter Release

At $40 on Amazon, you can't beat this side kick's performance and price.

How solid is it you ask? More than $40 solid I would say.

With the dip switches surface mounted (yet sunk in to protect against most accidental changes) I believe you could even key in multiple receivers to one transmitter.

It is more compact than my Promaster (at $85), sleeker looking and HALF the price. Let me say that again...HALF the price!

The only draw back, no flash shoe mount. Nothing that $1 in Velcro can't solve though (trust me I will get over it).

And what if you sit on it or drop it into the ocean, it is cheap to replace. I have lost more expensive things in my career.

Do yourself a favor and BUY IT! ...

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